# Why Vue Boilerplate?

Vue Boilerplate is an open source repository of vue.js boilerplate/templates built with Latest Vue + Typescript + BootstrapVue + PWA + Lazy loading and code splitting.

There are many frameworks built on top of vue. The reason for coming out with Vue Boilerplate is to utilize the core beauty and benefits of Vue unaltered, 100% in Love with Vue as it is ❣️

# Need for Performance

While mobile-first approach becomes a standard and uncertain network conditions are something we should always take into consideration, it’s harder and harder to keep your application loading fast.

Hence, Vue Boilerplates are built with vue.js performance optimization techniques that make them loading instantly and perform smooth πŸš€

# Lazy loading and Code Splitting

Lazy loading and Code splitting functionality are wrapped in all Vue Boilerplate πŸ’

With dynamic imports enabled, all pages including their dependency libraries are exported as web chunks with custom name references for lazy loading 😎

On build even Vue library was exported as a separate web chunk 😍

# Features

The following library and its features are delivered out of the box:

Vue Vue router Vuex Vue Class Component Typescript PWA - service worker BootstrapVue SASS babel Webpack bundling Prettier ESLint cypress jest gitignore VScode Workspace

# Getting Started

We are working on more combinations based on the feedback, please do let us know if you are looking forward for any new combination.

You can choose the repository suiting your need and you are just one click away from starting your Progressive Web application (PWA) with advanced features and benefits of Vue.

Last Updated: 6/11/2021, 1:21:34 AM